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Tea Gift Set

This Gift Set includes:

  • One Green Tea Assortment Petite Box (ten infusers)
  • One porcelain Cafe Cu in Bone White
  • One ceramic Tea Tray in Orchid White
  • Box measures: 13L X 12.5D X 5.5H"
  • Rejuvenate someone special with this elegant "tea for one" gift set. Created with an individual tea drinker in mind. Transforms an afternoon cup of tea into a rejuvenating ritual of quiet contemplation. Includes one Green Tea Assortment Petite Presentation Box (10 infusers), one porcelain Café Cup (8 ounces), and one Orchid White Tea Tray monogrammed with the Tea Forté logo. This gift set comes in a keepsake blue-grey gift box wrapped with a ribbon, featuring our gold foil stamped logo on the top. All tea blends in this gift set are Kosher certified and USDA organic.
Tea Gift Set - Benzie Gifts

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