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Welcome to Benzie Gifts, where sending gifts is made as easy and delightful as receiving themOur custom handcrafted boxes are for every occasion. Whether you want to treat yourself or that someone special in your life, we have the right gift package for you. Our unique and memorable gifting packages and baskets come with a personalized touch and modern appeal; creating an experience of art even when unpackaging. Whether it is a birthday, a special occasion, an event at work, or just to thank someone, you can use our gift baskets to express your appreciation in memorable ways. 

We Are Creative

At Benzie, we have an eye for unique products; each one curated and handpicked. Express your love, show your appreciation, say thanks, create happiness, and add more meaning to your gifts kindness with our curated gift packages and baskets.


How it Works? You have a choice of: 

1. Shop our Single Item Gift OptionsWith our premade single gift items, you can choose any of the items to be placed in a box for you.

2. Pre-Curated Boxes: All our boxes are thoughtfully selected, keeping your occasion, event and theme in mind. You also have the opportunity to add a personal touch to your gifts by adding customized messages for your loved ones.

3. Custom Curation
With keeping your budget in mind, we can creatively customize your packages and boxes to fit your theme and event expectations.  


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